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Scrubs & Bubbles is a whimsical brand in bath and body products. Specifically made keeping in mind the various possibilities in the field that hadn’t been explored enough in India. It all began with a lip scrub from a foreign company not being available ,which led me to think ‘why aren’t there authentic indie brands doing adorable and fun luxury bath and skincare products in India yet?’ Lo and Behold, Scrubs & Bubbles was born! Everything from thinking of the idea, executing, formulating and making the products, designing,packaging and shipping is done by one the founder itself. It is a goal to expand this small business venture into a lot more! Thankyou.

About Our Products

We take pride in making wholesome body products that are made from the goodness of Mother Nature without any unnecessary harmful chemicals. Our products are lovingly handmade from organic oils, butters,clays and fruits that are rich in the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy, radiant skin. Scrubs & Bubbles was created keeping in mind that luxury can be playful and affordable at the same time.With our whimsical products we hope to give you a luxurious and extremely fun bathtime experience.